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After upgrading to FW 55.00.05.Rev.00 my TMT250 devices turn on when attached to charger.
Power on by USB/Charger -setting is disabled.
It does not happen every time but quite often.

I'm not using devices continuously but every now and then and need to recharge them between usages. This turning on when charging makes such usage quite difficult.

I didn't have that issue with older firmwares (3.21 or older).

Additional info:
when I send getinfo - query as SMS, device says as "PWR, Last restart reason."
PWR:PowerKey, when turned on with power button
PWR:HwWatchdog, when turned on by attaching charger

More additional info:
It seems that this happens once after device is turned off:
-turn on with button
-turn off (with button)
-attach charger -> device turns on by itself (while it shouldn't)
-turn off (with button)
-attach charger -> device doesn't turn on

but after next usage (turn on - turn off) it turns on by itself with charger again

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Thank you, for all the information.

The issue is reported to our programmers, I will notify here when the solution is available.

Best regards.
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is there any update on this issue?