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Would it be possible to configure TMT250 so that it would give more accurate positions and speed measurements in slow walking speeds too?
I think that even when static navigation is disabled it has some "anti-drift filter" that makes it act weird in < 4 km/h speed.

Here one minute from constant walking 3-3,5 km/h compared with Garmin GPS watch.

2 second log period should give each position to be ~2 meters from previous but TMT250 reports same position for 10-12 seconds and then jumps ~10 meters.

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If you use firmware 03.21.04 or older version, then you will need to update it to newest one.

In order to get new FW and configurator contact our sales.
I'm using 55.00.05 and experienced same problem also with 55.00.07.
If that behavior is considered as "feature" resulting from some anti-drift filter, I wonder if it would be possible to buy customized version that makes it possible to turn that filter off.

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I recommend to configure this device on our server in order to check coming data.

Can you send me your configuration file and device IMEI in order to reconfigure your device and register it on our server.