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Is it possible to configure a GH5200 (firmware version 03.21.04.Rev.83) personal tracker as a beacon? I need it to emit a bluetooth advertising packet (as traditional beacons do) at fixed time intervals. I have seen that this device can be used in social distancing scenarios, so i suppose this is possible but i can't find such option in the configurator interface (configurator version 1.3.6_C.266).

Thanks in advance.

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You need to update firmware to the latest 55.00.05.rev.00. Ask your sales manager for it.

GH5200 can broadcast BLE packet, but it's not iBeacon or Eddystone protocol. If this suits your needs - you can enable broadcasting by filing 'BLE broadcasting service ID' field (2 Bytes) in Bluetooth 4.0 section. If this field is empty - broadcasting is disabled.

I hope it helps.
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The new update of GH5200 (firmware version 03.21.04.Rev.83) is released. This tool can be used as a tracker. This is helpful in this covid situation and visits to manage the academic work. This is very helpful to maintain social distancing. This was a nice and cool feature introduced in this device.