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Where can I download the preset of ELA beacon sensors like the PUCK MOV / PUCK T EN12830 / PUCK MAG for the Teltonica Configurator

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You are confusing beacons with sensors. PUCK MOV / PUCK T EN12830 / PUCK MAG are sensors. 

Here is the link for what you need:

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Thanks, for the PUCK T it works but I tried this for the MOV but it is not working.

I get connected but I see strange caracters.

Blue Puck/Coin MOV

Bluetooth BLE Movement sensor configuration

Type Data Offset Data Size Action IO Match Endianess Multiplier Offset
FE 5 2 Match None 062A Little Endian 1 0
FE 7 2 Save Custom Little Endian 1 0


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You see 'strange characters' because data WAS scanned from EAL MOV, if you see nothing - data was not scanned.

Data scanned from Ela MOV is in the hexadecimal format, but it is interpreted in the configurator I/O section as ASCII value. To the server it's sent as HEX.