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Hello Sirs

I am looking for an autonomous tracker with the longest possible battery life to monitor the plastic shrimp transport reservoirs.

The trackers would be inserted inside the walls of each reservoir, so they must be small enough to withstand extreme temperatures, especially below 0°.

I have been reviewing the Teltonika models: Asset tracker and BLE Asset Tracker and I think they could be useful for my application, but I would like to know what is the difference between both devices.

Could you help me with this query or give me a recommendation?


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Could you give me a more detailed use case?

What would you like to monitor?

How do you intend to use the device?

Best regards


To transport the shrimp from the pools where it is cultivated to the packing plants, it is stored in plastic reservoirs with ice called "bines". It is on this route that the trucks are robbed. The thieves take away the reservoirs and leave the trucks. Normally all trucks already have a tracker on them. I am looking for a device to install inside the walls of the reservoir , whose battery has a long life (a few years), withstand low and high temperatures and have very small dimensions.


Trucks with binesBins