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I use the alarm button to send SMS  message on 2 different number  1 x click  for   1 number (a)  and  2 x clicks to a another number(b) .it was working on the previous version of software (03.16.02) i update the software (3.21.01) and now if a click  2 x  time the TMT send  2 sms  to number ( a)   in place of 1 sms to number (b)


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Your scenario can be achieved by following this pattern:
1. SMS \ Call Settings tab -> set up two different(for example (a) and (b)) phone numbers to "GSM Predefined Numbers" list.
2. Features tab -> Alarm -> Send SMS To -> select first phone number (a)
3. Keyboard tab -> Alarm Button -> Set "1 Click" to "Alarm"
4. Keyboard tab -> Alarm Button -> Set "2 Clicks" to "SMS"
5. Keyboard tab -> SMS Action -> select second phone number (b) and type any SMS text (for example: Alarm!) to "SMS Text" field.

By following these steps, after you click the alarm button once, you will be notified about the alarm event to your phone number (a), by clicking the alarm button twice - you will be notified about alarm event (with configured SMS text content) to your phone number (b).

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