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Firmware 03.21.03, configurator or; it doesn't make a difference. With a freshly rebooted device and no other configuration changes, I go to User Interface and change Outgoing call -> Vibration from Enable to Disable, and then hit Save to device. Result: "Error Failed to save configuration : SETPARAM_RESULT does not match". The same happens if I try to change any other vibration setting.

I'm almost sure that this problem did not exist on FW 03.21.01.

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Thank you for your question,

Would you mind downloading a configurator version that is used for firmware 03.21.03 and see if the problem persists.

Wiki link:

Version: should be used instead of

Please try the newer configurator and see if this helps,

Regards, Teltonika Support


Thank you for your reply. I'm afraid I can't leave any feedback on the SETPARAM_RESULT issue, because I didn't bother with the new configurator. Instead, I reverted to FW 03.21.01. 

Some general remarks on releasing software:

  1. Keep all information relevant to one thing in one place: While all the information that a user needs is available on your website, it is spread across a multitude of pages that do not even link to each-other. For example, the TMT250 firmware page (linked to from the product page), does not link to the TMT250 configurator page. It would be much simpler for you and easier for the user if all downloads relevant to a certain product were available direcly from /product/<product_name>/#downloads.
  2. Release together all mutually dependent software: For example, if firmware a.b.c requires configurator x.y.z, release both in the same zipfile, including a full changelog for both in the same archive. 
  3. Get rid of the FTP server and never use passwords for access to public files: Having seen the firmware errata page, which does not include any download link, I went straight to the FTP server, which I knew where to find because of an earlier issue. Then, after fishing up the username and password for the FTP server from the previous issue and then also the archive password, I ended up having to ask a new question (this one) because I had missed the new configurator.
  4. Never treat your customers as beta testers: Some of us are techies who are only happy to play with new things and help with development, but this should never be taken for granted, because the majority of your customers are not techies and not happy to be involuntary beta testers. 

So there you go: this is my involuntary beta tester report on your software delivery process, and I really hope it helps improve it.